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Renovation projects entail significant commitment for any owner and designer. Because of this, people should be aware of the different things that can affect the look of the finished product. This can be tricky, but worry not, because we are ready to guide you. We know how difficult it is to think about bathroom ideas Hobart, but with our help, it will be easy as 1 2 3. 

Bathroom renovation design photo done in Hobart with green rustic natural stone tiles

Major Principles You Should Consider 

Before searching for bathroom inspirations that can be the basis of your design, you should know some major design principles to help you in your journey. These are detailing, dimensioning, and harmony. With the help of all these factors, you can achieve your dream bathroom ideas, Hobart. 

Detailing and Embellishments 

Details are a must in any bathroom design. Without this, the resulting project will be very plain and dull looking. Thus, it is essential to utilize the proper details so that your bathroom will be in its peak beauty. Great ways to add embellishments are through intricate carpets, drapes, curtains, and even fabrics. Also, you can use lighting for significant effects. 

Tiles are one of the best bringers of details. These materials contain texture, shape, and patterns so they can have amazing details embedded in theme. Best used tiles for such concept are stone tiles since they have natural streaks. If you are looking for the complex bathroom, then this idea best suits you! 


Thinking about dimensions when working on your bathroom ideas, Hobart leads to good results. This is because the design is concerned with size. It is always great to consider the things that you will put on the bathroom to avoid unnecessary waste of precious space. Also, with dimensioning, you will be able to foresee the most suitable designs for you. This includes lighting and tiles to use. For example, if you feel like your bathroom is too tight, then you can go for a modernist style. Modernist styles are known to save space with the use of white tiles. On the other hand, if you think that your bathroom is too full, then you can employ lighting to create a feeling of tension.  

Harmony in Design and Bathrooms 

Harmony can be best achieved by tricking the brain. It always depends on what information that you will feed to your senses. Common causes of harmony in the design such as patterns lead to easier processing, thus creating feelings of completeness and peace. Tile patterns can help in increasing the overall harmony of your bathroom. In general, patterned tiles have a sense of repetition, and this makes them very relaxing to the eyes. An excellent way to master this concept is by using harmony to create accents. If you place an unfamiliar object with a familiar pattern, the placed object will be focused on. This makes up for high bathroom assets that guests will surely love. 

4 Jaw-dropping Bathroom Motivations 

Finding the best inspiration can take a lot of time. This is the phase where most clients are confused because they are too occupied about the many thoughts. However, there are excellent bathroom ideas Hobart that you can use as motivation. Many tilers and interior designers love these themes, and they can serve you well.  

Style Mixing 

Multiple styles are not a problem if used properly. They can result in some unique designs that express your creativity. Some great combinations include classic and modern themes, natural and human-made concepts, as well as various colour palettes mixed. Just be careful when using them, as too much can mean that your bathroom becomes an eyesore. 

Style mixing is not only limited to designs. It can also come in the form of tiles. For example, you can mix patterned tiles and pebble tiles for a curtain wall so that it becomes the asset of the house. Another idea is to utilize marble tiles with plain-looking tiles so that one of them becomes the accent for the other.  

Privately Stylish 

If you are a person who takes personal space seriously, then you should consider getting a separate compartment for your shower area. This compartment can either be glassed-based or modern-based, and they can add up to a bathroom’s overall beauty as well. Remember to make the most out of this division through tiles. Tiles look well with glass, so you must be aware of this fact. Overall, using compartments as a way to be creative is always considered as great bathroom ideas Hobart. 

Pastel Madness 
Bathroom renovation we completed in Hobart with orange pastel paint wall finish

Flat colours and pastel colours are very relaxing for the eyes. Brilliant pastel shades used for the bathroom are mint green and light orange. In this type of design, you have two choices. You can either go for wallpapers or tikes. If you go for wallpapers, the result will be a wall without texture and shine. 

On the other hand, choosing tiles results in walls that are glossy and reflective. Remember to properly combine flat colours with neutral shades of grey, white and black since they fit well with each other. Also, you can have a differently coloured sink to break from harmony. 

Ceiling Art Ala Renaissance 

If you are an art enthusiast, or you’re merely interested in paintings, your next bathroom ideas Hobart might include ceiling paintings. This can help your bathroom stand out, as guests will feel that they are in an old European church. A great way to add an extra flair to your ceiling painting is the addition of marble tiles around it! The result will be a sophisticated and intricate bathroom idea, Hobart. 

Conceptualization and Execution 

The process of planning your perfect bathroom won’t be complete if you don’t execute it properly during the project. You need to have a reliable team that can help you achieve your desired bathroom. Our team here in Hobart Tiling & Waterproofing are experts on all things regarding renovations, and we believe that we can help you in achieving the results that you want. Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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