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Are you planning a design and bathroom remodelling of your master en suite or powder room? Functionality should be the motivation for undertaking this project. You should consider merging your big dreams with practical realities.  

Therefore, the bathroom remodelling project touches on the walls and floor, fixtures and finishes. These are things that make a significant difference in such an intimate room. 

This project begins with the dream phase that comprises of layout, colour, and materials, among others.  However, it’s essential to consider other crucial things under the floors, behind the walls to reinforce the overall design work. 

For that reason, the following are seven things to consider at the outset of the bathroom remodelling project.

Bathroom remodelling done in Hobart with porcelain tiles

The Floor 

It’s crucial to investigate the problem under the tiles when remodelling an old-house bathroom. You need to think about how you will replace the old tiles with new ones. Initially, tiles were installed on a slab of concrete that was laid on the floor system or wet bed. Replacing such a surface is not only tricky, but it’s also expensive. 

Therefore, you need to make some consideration here and decide whether it’s worthwhile to spend your money and time on such an expensive bathroom remodelling exercise or simply use that money elsewhere. More so, you can contact experts from Hobart Tiling and Waterproofing for a professional evaluation to ascertain whether you should or shouldn’t replace wet-bed tiles.  


There are several interlinked fixtures in your bathroom. Thus, it’s essential to consider that when laying out the electrical, plumbing and framing of your bathroom remodelling. The plan will help you avoid repeat jobs and do neat work. 

You can create a vintage or industrial look by not hiding the plumbing supply lines. More so, you can make an impression by introducing a sink pedestal in the room. The sink will create a modern look and still hide the plumbing line behind it.  


Elegant faucets and finish make a bathroom appear classy and modern; however, these features may not be visible if you don’t install sufficient lighting. Therefore, think about recessed light fixtures to brighten your bathroom. They can be fixed on the ceiling of your shower. Additionally, you can install a dimmer switch to adjust your bathroom’s mood.  

Factor in the mirror, and the purpose of the lighting such as functional or aesthetic. For instance, functional lighting and mirror should be strategically placed to help you see what you are doing when shaving or applying make-ups.  

You can achieve this by installing well-designed vanity lighting that eliminates shadows on faces. This includes a blend of LED recessed lights, wall scones or over the mirror lights. You can use dimmer switches when the room is too bright. 


Consider whether you want a floor-mounted toilet or wall-hung unit. The latter option has grown in popularity in recent years and for a good reason. The wall-hung unit is now affordable due to increased availability and demand. They also save space since their tank is fixed behind the wall. 

The only challenge with unique fixtures like wall-hung toilets is that you have to rework the supply when you decide to switch to the floor-mounted unit. 


A window in the shower is a great feature when done correctly. Therefore, consider having one when a bathroom remodelling. You can invest in a frosted-glass panel because it offers privacy and an openable one for fresh air. A poorly ventilated bathroom contributes to the buildup of mould and mildew. 

You should think of building a stone jambs to make the area watertight and a sill that slopes down for proper drainage. A tilt-and-turn window is always an excellent choice for bathroom remodelling for various reasons. First, the screen is on the outer side of the window. Second, it has a plastic handle which is a better choice because it doesn’t rust. Third, you will still be safe even when tilted open.  

The Shower

Shower tiling job done in Hobart with blue porcelain tiles

There are several elements that you need to consider when laying out your shower.  

Shower-only or Bathtub: It’s essential to remodel your home for yourself and not for the sake of a future buyer. It should appeal to you first since you are the one who will be using it in the next 5 or 10 years.  

Additionally, you don’t know whether your option will impress your future buyer or the style will have changed to something else. Therefore, with this in mind, install a shower or tub that suits you and not another person.  

Shower Floors: You should put more attention to the size and texture of the tiles you are planning to install on the floor of your bathroom. 

Installing larger tiles is a difficult task because they don’t slope properly. They are also slippery unless you use textured ones since the grout lines are far from each other.  

You have limitless choices for the floor of your shower, but smaller tiles offer more traction because the grout lines are closed. 

Shower Sills: It should be appropriately sloped, just like a windowsill. While the windowsill slopes down and away, the shower sill should slope into the shower. It should be made of solid material such as quartz or stone. 

Tiles on the shower curb can cause water to settle on the grout lines, which will, in the end, seep through and reach the framing. 

Shower Bases: In the past, shower bases were quite dull, but today, you have shower systems with a modern, clean porcelain or acrylic bases. 

Drawer Storage 

There are several designs to consider for your drawer storage. For instance, you can opt for a vanity with drawers than storages with doors because they are easier to organize and access. You can install them around the plumbing to minimize wastage of space, hide the plumbing line system and create extra-large drawers for your large items.  

The list of things to consider when remodelling your bathroom is endless. However, the seven items are vital areas you should pay more attention to when renovating this space. Hobart Tiling and Waterproofing has a team of experts that specializes in bathroom remodelling. You can contact them for more suggestions or hire them for the entire project. The result will be remarkable. 

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