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A house has chiefly two significant portions; interior and exterior. The interiors consist of several parts like bathroom, kitchen, living, and bedroom area, while the exterior consists of the patio, garden area, pool, or terraces. Most of the people focus on furnishing the outdoor area more than interiors. Outdoor tiling Hobart should be done nicely and with taste. 

Each house has a different construction because each architect designs a house in his or her way. It also depends upon the budget that we have invested in building our house. More money we put in, better construction we will get. The same applies to the furnishing part as well. Outdoor tiling Hobart can be done in many different ways.  

The patios with a dull look can be beautified using one of the tiles available in the market. Now, deciding the type of tile can be daunting and tedious. So, let’s discuss it. 

Patio tiling project we completed in Hobart with concrete finish pavers

How to Choose the Perfect Tile For Your Outdoor Tiling Hobart Project? 

Before we start making decisions on the kind and quality of installation of tiles, we must have answers to a few questions. One by one, we will be discussing it in the latter part of the article. 

#1: Type of climate where we are dwelling in 

Climate plays a vital role in deciding the type of outdoor tiles. The tiles shall be selected in such a manner that it can withstand all kinds of temperature. The mild weather conditions are bearable by any tiles. 

The place with a hot climate must choose the tile accordingly, meaning a tile that can absorb heat. The climate with frequent changes must install self-manufactured tiles. These make them durable. 

#2: The colour of the house 

The colour choice is entirely ours. Some like dark-coloured décor, while others have the choice of light décor. If the paintings are in a dark colour, try using the outdoor tiling Hobart of a light colour. It enhances the beauty of the place. 

The main area, which is the patio looks excellent if light-coloured tiles are used. The choice varies for the covered as well as an open patio. The patio with the open area can have light or dark-coloured tiles. On the other side of the covered patio is there, use some light-coloured tiles. This is one of the significant portions of your house; therefore make the selection of colours diligently. 

#3: The scale of your house 

The question arises, what is scale? The scale is nothing but the area which you want to cover with tiles. The interior of a house consists of a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. It is a smaller area if we compare to the patio and terrace of the exterior. 

Covering the outdoor portion with tiles can cost you on the higher side. Calculating the area for the installation of tiles will be quite fruitful. This will help you decide the budget in advance and also in selecting the appropriate tiles for that area or scale. 

#4: Keeping in mind the installation place of the tiles 

The installation of tiles matters a lot. The place where the installation is to be made has to be selected wisely. The pool area shall use water-resistant tiles. For this, the Soapstone tile can be the right choice. They can withstand stains and water damage. 

On the other side, if the installation is for the patio, then one of the natural stones; slate tile can be a good one. For patio; porcelain tiles are also a great choice. 

There is another exterior which we cannot miss; the barbeque area. This is again constructed in the open air. Travertine tile can be a good option for it. 

#5: The underlying budget for the entire outdoor tiling Hobart 

It is always a good practice to make a budget for every task that we do in our lifetime. In those tasks also comes the outdoor work of your house. This is a tedious as well as an expensive task to get the tiles installed in the outdoor tiling Hobart. 

If you have made a budget in advance, it will be easier to get the work done in less time. If the budget allows for the higher range; expensive tiles can be used. Otherwise, some ceramic tiles can be checked for the installation of tiles. 

#6: Installing slip-resistant tiles 

It is good and is always recommended to install the slip-resistant tiles to prevent any accident. Some tiles provide excellent grip, and on the other hand, some tiles are slippery. Always go for the slip-resistant tiles. 

Some of the natural stones which are used for tiles formation are Travertine tiles, Limestone tiles, soapstone tiles, slate tiles, and more. 

Not all people can go for a higher range of tiles. The overall purpose is to make the house and the area look beautiful, and it can be done with a lesser budget too. The market is full of a variety of tiles and in all price ranges. 

Another essential thing to know is the types of tiles that are popular for outdoor tiling installation. Let us know about some of them. 

Types of Tiles: 

#1: Porcelain tiles 

This is one of the most popular titles, and it is also robust. It is best for a patio and terrace area. 

#2: Slate tiles 

The formation of slate tiles is through carbon, and hence it is a natural stone. It is strong and is much durable than other tiles. The slate tiles are available abundantly in the market. Dark colours like black and vibrant colours like orange are easily accessible. 

#3: Travertine tiles 

These are one of the most beautiful tiles in this category. Travertine tiles are best for the pool area. This will increase the look of the pool. 

#4: Sandstone tiles 

The sandstone tiles are more fragile than other tiles, but they have a perfect texture. Wherever we use sandstone tiles, it will enhance the beauty of that place. It is more prone to cracks and scratches. 

#5: Limestone tiles 

These are beautiful tiles but not a good one to install in your outdoor tiling Hobart project as they are a bit fragile. 



A good knowledge before installing the tiles will help you in every aspect. The tiles are in various categories. Choose and install just according to your choice and see a completely new look of your house. 

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