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Tiling Floor and Wall

Tiling job we completed in Hobart

Your walls and floors could make or break your home’s beauty. To bring the most attractiveness out of these spots, you can employ proper tiling. In tiling your floors and walls, you would want a professional’s aid. Hobart Tiling & Waterproofing knows the importance of well-tiled walls and floorboards.

We can help to achieve your dream design through our outstanding grouting methods. When we work with your floors and walls, we make sure that the end product is smooth to the touch. Our crew is very dedicated to exceeding your expectations, and we want to collaborate in turning your visions into reality.


Many prospective customers think that floor and wall tiling is expensive. Other service providers might charge a high price, but it is not the same for us. We help save our client’s budget by making use of the most efficient method available.

Hobart Tiling & Waterproofing has mastered the art of wall and floor tiling, and we can provide you options fit for your pocket. If you want assessments regarding your wall and floor tiling ideas, then give us a call. We guarantee to provide you with a service worthy of your time and money.


Our team prioritizes our client’s happiness. We acknowledge the fact that they want to have as many choices as possible in tiling their floors and walls. To deal with this, we employ customization options in our designs.

We can provide you with a flexible service tailored according to your needs. We offer countless amounts of tile colours, materials, patterns, and installation techniques to make sure that you’d exercise your redesigning creativity. We aim to give our clients freedom in their choices so that they will be happy with the end-product.

Hobart Tiling & Waterproofing takes pride in providing you control in your project. We only serve as a reliable support system which gives out professional advice concerning your choices. Collaboration is our strength, and it helps in maintaining good connections with our clients.

Our team will surely deliver attractive tiles which would act as your home’s prominent features.

Timely Tasks

When we work, we do it with speed and accuracy. We consider time as a precious asset, and we always try our best to avoid wasting it. Hobart tiling & waterproofing ensures a high-speed wall and tiling process from start to finish.

Our adept designers can come up with the best tiling methods. Afterwards, these processes are then applied to your property with the help of our experienced tilers. We have taken extra steps in assuring you that your project will always be on time, if not ahead of time.

Our service might be incredibly fast, but it will never lack the necessary quality.

Commercial Properties

Our wall and floor tiling expertise are not just limited to houses and small-scale places. In reality, we also extend our services through huge facilities such as commercial establishments.

Dozens of tiling jobs in the past have helped equip our team with the necessary skills to deal with tiling projects of any proportion.

The methods we employ enable us to deal with large-scale tiling tasks, and we always guarantee that the quality never decreases. If you want the best service quality and reliability, then give our team a call.

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