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Tiling job we completed in Hobart

Waterproofing provides your tiles with extra protection from the elements of nature. Also, it helps remove risks of slipping due to recurring exposure to water and moisture.

Through many completed projects in the past, our team here in Hobart Tiling and Waterproofing ensures worry-free usage on your patio, shower, or bathroom with the use of innovative waterproofing techniques and products.

We acknowledge that you want these areas to be safe because you always use them. When you avail of our waterproofing, we guarantee that you, your visitors, and your family will be keptsafe for years to come. Our team is devoted to providing secure solutions on all of your tiles.

Pool Patios

The pool is a haven for many activities, and it is where most parties and events occur. It is known that many people stay in this place since it is made for fun and pleasure.

Hot temperatures here in Australia will always cause pools to be famous places for taking a dip and relaxing. However, your patio could have slipping risks due to the wetness of the swimming pool. In each of our pool patio designs, waterproofing is utilized.

This helps in guaranteeing safety for everyone who sets foot in your swimming pool. With the use of the latest innovations in the market, we can provide you with extra security in terms of a hazard-free swimming pool.

Showers and Bathrooms

Showers and bathrooms are among the most used parts of your home. They are part of our everyday life, and we start our day with them. Because of water accumulation, your bathroom or shower tiles could moisten.

Add that with the leftovers from your soaps and shampoos. Then you’ll end up with slippery surfaces which could lead to accidents. Hobart Tiling & Waterproofing helps get rid of these hazards. Through proper planning of the best waterproofing options for these places, you and your family are given extra protection.

We can even waterproof your kitchen if you want us to. We take your safety seriously, and we want to provide you with a great shower and bathroom experience.

Eco-Friendly and Reliable Products

Hobart Tiling & Waterproofing wants to help in environment-conservation efforts. To do this, we always go for environmentally friendly products in our waterproofing services.

With the help of many partners who also want to take part in nature-preservation efforts, we provide clients with eco-friendly waterproofing solutions.

Our team always tries to look for methods with the least amount of carbon footprint. We are dedicated to not only serving you but also serving our planet.

Durable Protection

Any waterproofed tile is expected to endure for years to come. With this in mind, our team dedicates extensive amounts of assessment coupled with expert tile applications to ensure that your tiles will withstand the tests of unpredictable Australian weather.

Hobart Tiling & Waterproofing desires to give you protection and security when it comes to your tiles.

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